Thursday, June 3, 2010

In Retrospect

It has been 32 years and over 22,000 clients later. Surprisingly how fast it goes when you truly enjoy your work. I love what I do.

Even though I’m regarded as an “image” consultant, a style consultant, a wardrobe consultant, or a color consultant, my role is really that of a guide in the knowledge of aesthetics. For me, it’s about the knowledge - the PSC knowledge of Personal Harmony - and it’s really not about the clothes. The clothes come as one result of this remarkable knowledge. Often my clients seem to experience a consciousness shift or a new paradigm in how they relate to themselves and how they begin expressing their own true naturalness though the harmonious colors, lines, shapes, patterns, textures and “essences” (style facets) after their PSC consultations. By comparison, the PSC approach to “color and style consulting” is radically different than anything that’s out there and always has been.

PSC, as the business is often referred to, is actually Personal Style Counselors. It was started by Joan Songer in 1964 and is now the oldest continuously operating “image” consulting company and service. It has sometimes been called “the Mother Church of Color Analysis”. I came on board in February 1978 right out of college and along with my necessary BA in Art, I embarked on two years of intensive PSC apprenticeship training before being unsupervised. And since 1978, it’s many two hour consultations with a lot of people. And as a result, it seems that these people are uplifting the vibration of the planet merely by wearing the colors, designs and textures that are perfect for them. One person said that the PSC approach of Personal Harmony was like “finding the keys to the Universe”. Wow, such an observation!

Unlike other approaches, this isn’t colors by “season” which is a totally limiting, non-sensical, inaccurate theory. Sorry, there aren’t only four skin tone types and some variables living on this planet. PSC is also NOT about the system. It’s a profoundly deep, time-honored expansive set of guidelines which become tools for transformation. The PSC Color Harmonies and the Seven Essence Style Types are unlike anything out there.

In future blog posts, I’ll reflect on my observations over the years and also what’s currently happening in my career and life as a guide-teacher-artist.